Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Humans Fail to get Angry

The world community was rocked to its foundations today, as it emerged that a group of high-profile entertainers had, today, failed to protest the killings of thousands of innocent Afghans.

Song-writer Sir Elton John was joined by the likes of Ian McKellen, Eddie Izzard and Maureen Lipman in unilaterally remaining silent about the American military actions in the area. The Afghans, not seen on any cruise ships in Cairo, and enduring the worst famine in recent memory, are thought to have aroused no concern at all about their plight because they are poor and have contributed very little to the world of showtunes. Labour EuroMP Michael Cashman, who was once in Eastenders said: "If we do nothing then we condone these abuses of fundamental rights."

Ian McKellen is a wizard.

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