Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Damn that Mainstream Media!

Absurdly, yesterday, Howard Kurtz wrote: "But sometimes the unrelenting violence has a way of intruding on the news agenda." Since when has unrelenting violence not been news, just something that intrudes on the news? Since when have reporters decided that it's a shame that they reluctantly have to report the events of the day, even if they are unrelentingly violent?

Pesky news, always intruding on the news agenda...Grrr...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Worried about The Rapture?

Ever felt the chasms of despair yawn for you when starting on an ambitious project (a conversion, a regrouting or some good old-fashioned stoning, say) only to be stricken by the knowledge that it might all be for naught? That, at any moment, the First Seal could be broken, the Pale Rider could stalk the Earth, and the Second Coming would interrupt whatever it was you were in the middle of? After all, who wants to go to all the trouble of washing one of a leper's feet only for no good to come of it?

Worry no more! There is an actual website which can help you! The Rapture Index tells us that, as of March 20th, the Rapture Index stands at 156. That's pretty damned rapturesome!