Thursday, September 28, 2006

Liveblogging some liveblogging

Yes, prepare yourself from some... META-LIVEBLOGGING of this!


Bored. Drunk. Wife is in bed. The choice is masturbating whilst watching Question Time or masturbating whilst reading people's blogs. Piers Morgan is on Question Time, I'll go to the blogs.

Stephen has the picture of him in the leather jacket up again. No masturbating tonight.


Stephen's fatuous prose style and smug ignoring of the fact that he campaigned for Labour in the 1997 election send me to the kitchen for more wine.

I decide to bring the box (yes, so?) back in with me to save any more walking.


Stephen agrees with Kenneth Clarke that Iraq is the 'biggest foreign policy disaster of the twentieth century'. Neither of them have realised we are living in the 21st century.


Stephen swears. I pour more wine.


Stephen again quotes Jenny Tonge. He must be the only person who can see her behind the flailing arms of Piers Morgan and Jack Straw. Or gives two fucks what she thinks. It's not only Lib Dem councillors who can swear.


Stephen rants. Maybe he's drunk, too.


I have succumbed (and succame all over the sofa) and have left comments. I have become tainted. End this.


No one is responding to my ever-more-witty and pertinent comments. Maybe they are all in bed.


Yes, they are all in bed. Stupid fucking Liberals.