Friday, March 22, 2002

Bush at the Comedy Store, Sunday!

The Comedy Store Players today announced that, in future, they will be joined on stage by President of the United States of America, George W Bush. The improvisational comedy troupe made the shocking decision after hearing reports of Bush's keynote speech to the UN conference on Financing the Development of Mexico on Friday. Paul Merton says: "I laughed my ringpiece through my nose."

White House sources say greeted the news warmly: "We are glad that the speech went down so well, and that the jokes hit the right note. World debt is a serious issue, but I'd be lying if I said we didn't think broad comedy was the way to go with it." George W Bush is said to be working up some new material, given the success of his offer to give more aid to countries that embraced free trade and democracy. "After the results of the 2000 elections and the impositions of import tariffs on steel, we thought the best way was to give everyone a laugh before starting the important work of neglecting the world's poor".

The Comedy Store have great hopes for their new signing, rejecting allegations that the President's 'bumbling fool' routine was getting stale: "George has shown today that there's a lot of life left in his form of comedy. He's one of a kind, and he's working up lots of new material. I wouldn't be giving too much away to if I said 'Keep you eyes on Iraq! And look for sales of whoopee cushions to go through the roof'".

John Sessions can be heard muttering on street corners.

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