Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Greens join the Nazi Party

(late filing from Berlin, October 1932)

In a shock move today, which may well prove crucial in next month's Reichstag elections, the Green Party has allied itself to the National Socialists, primarily in support of their call for 'lebensraum'.

A Green spokesman said: "This very closely mirrors our own belief in the support of rural economies, and of a sustainable agricultural future. It's obvious that we can't keep on going the way we are now without significantly adding to the amount of green field sites we have."

The move will be seen as a great boon to the public image of Nazism, heretofore mainly popular amongst anti-Semites and leather-fetishists. Party spokeman Rudolph Hess said yesterday: "We have been often been portrayed in the past as narrow-minded extremists. This should prove to everyone, and especially the young, that the immediate establishment of a Third Reich is a sensible policy for a sensible Germany."

Hitler is tiny.

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