Thursday, May 01, 2003

G-Baby Killing Self-Aggrandisement (by a Mother-Fucker)

All right, you've had your fun. All of you.

Oh, ha ha! I expose my deepest, most inner, utterly inwards and quite deep thoughts to the world; and just because you know I'm a shallow, deluded twat, you think it's all right ('alright') to make fun of me. Well, whoever you are, let me make one thing clear!!!!

Fuck off!

Yeah, you heard!. Just fuck right off. I have asked my friends on the Internet that they all said each and every one of them, that it was all right to ignore you. And, from here on in, I shall only speak in clerihews.

For those who wished to mock the Cripps,
I should not sail upon your ships,
An iceberg may well come youjr way,
Because u r so fucking gay.