Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dickens, eh?

He's the one who writes incredibly long, boring books which everyone has to read at school, right? Wrong, he's only one of the funniest writers ever to have used the English language. And that's including me.

So? I really can't be bothered to read books. They're so...old.

Ha! That's why I've decided to jump on one of the irrational urges I've been harbouring for a while, and turn the complete works of Charles Dickens into podcasts, so you'll have no excuse not to download them, listen to them and laugh. Or, for the full Victorian experience, contract tuberculosis, laugh, and die.

The Podcasts of Charles Dickens - a shit-sight more fun than the podcasts of Anthony Trollope. Oh yeah!

For those of you (this means you, Mike) who are interested, the test posting is up now here. This, however, is just the prefaces, we're not started yet. Coming soon - The Old Curiosity Shop, Chapter One...

Please leave comments to let me know what you think...