Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Huntley "saner than I am" says judge

After hearing evidence from Medical Examiner Col Hubert Tubert, the judge avenging the deaths of Soham's Roses said that Ian Huntley was completely sane.

Justice Anthony Burbage said: "The act of taking two young girls and butchering them horribly without apparent motive is a supremely sensible one. If more people behaved like this there would be fewer teenage pregnancies, and fewer young people smacked out of their tiny crack-pans on cocaine e-balls stealing gloves to feed their insane habits. I entirely commend Mr Huntley on his eminently rational attitude to life.

"It really is a shame, when a great country like ours, ruined and doistered by years of the Nanny State, has to look to people like Mr Huntley for an example. I anticipate withhorror the day on which our English paedophiles, hooligans and vigilantes are treated like common criminals." In the rest of his four-hour rant the judge's comments included: "Why this man's so sane he makes Hitler look a bit mad!" and "Nurse! It's happened again!"

Justice works. Think of the children.

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