Monday, January 28, 2002

Scary, scary people...

That's what I like about the Internet, there's always someone out there scarier than you. No matter whether you have your dead mother stuffed in a cage in the corner of the sitting room, or have a boxed set of Noel Edmonds videos, someone, somewhere has taken how weird you are, and multipled it immeasurably. These people at Coincidence Design are just some of those scary, scary people.

Whereas most of us accept the fact that the only way you're actually going to get to meet someone is to take a bath, and hover around a corner until you can spill coffee over them, the good people at Coincidence Design (for the bargain price of $78,000) will stalk the object of your sad, foetid affection around for months, prepare you a dossier on their habits, pump their friends forinformation, and then arrange for you to bump into them.

Now, I'm no Coincidence Designer, but wouldn't walking up to them, giving the $78,000 straight to them and saying: "Would you mind awfully going for a drink with me. After all, having spilt so much coffee over you, it's the least I can do..." might be just as efficacious and slightly less mental? No. Of course it wouldn't.